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Page 1 - Ernest Haslehust, Frederick James Aldridge and many more

Frederick James Aldridge 1850-1933   

Boulogne France
watercolour                                                                   7 x 14  inches 

                                                                                              was £1200 now £500 inc package and post

Frederick James Aldridge was a marine painter , somewhat in the manner of T B Hardy.  In 1876 he opened a fine art dealers “Aldridge” in Warwick Street in  Worthing. 

Frederick James Aldridge 1850-1933   

Venetian Fishing Boats
watercolour                                                                  9 x 14.5  inches 

                                                                                              was £1,400 now £600 inc package and post

Ernest William Haslehust 1866-1949   

A Quiet Pool 

watercolour                                                                   14 x 21  inches 

                                                                                             was £1,600 now £650 inc package and post

Ernest William Haslehust 1866-1949   

Ancient Stronghold, Barnard Castle

watercolour                                                                   14 x 21  inches 

                    was £1,600 now £650 inc package and post

Ernest William Haslehust 1866-1949   

St Pierre St Valery sur Somme 

watercolour                                                                   9.5 x 14  inches 

               was £800 now £350 inc package and post

Ernest William Haslehust was born at Walthamstow, Essex on 12th November 1866 educated at Felstead Grammar School in Essex and University College, London. He studied art at the Slade School under Legros.

Ernest William Haslehust 1866-1949   

Scottish Landscape 

watercolour                                                                   16 x 21  inches 

                                                                                             was £1,800 now £750 inc package and post

Ernest William Haslehust was responsible for the illustration of many books. Blackie & Sons published a series “The Beautiful England Series” which were illustrated by him in conjunction with many authors including A G Bradley, John Geddie and G E Milton; such titles as The English Lakes; Edinburgh; The Thames and Dickens-land. 

Ernest William Haslehust 1866-1949   

The Mill at Welford, Warwichshire 

watercolour                                                                   14 x 10  inches 

                                                                                             was £800 now £350 inc package and post

Ernest William Haslehust 1866-1949   

Old Cottage, Selworthy , Devon 

watercolour                                                                   15 x 19  inches 

                was £1,600 now £650 inc package and post

Ernest William Haslehust 1866-1949   

Old Cottage near Fletching East Sussex

watercolour                                                                  9 x 13.5  inches 

              was £800 now £350 inc package and post

S Daphne Padden RMS NDD (1927-2009) (1447) 15 Grapes on a ledge 1991 w 2 x 2.75

 Ernest William Haslehust 1866-1949   

Kirk Hallam

watercolour                                                                   13 x 20  inches 

                                                                                             was £1,600 now £650 inc package and post

Edith Alice Andrews  (1873-1958)   

 Still Life Gladioli 
oil                                                                   18 x 12  inches 

                                                                                                 was £495 now £200 inc package and post

Edith Alice Andrews (nee Cubitt) was born in 1873 the daughter of Herbert Cundall Cubitt, Clerk to a Colonial Broker, she was a painter of gardens and flowers and an illustrator. Studied at the New Cross Art School and won the prize for black and white illustrations at the National Competition , South Kensington in 1898. She  attended Goldsmith’s College in 1909, exhibiting at the Royal Academy, Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour and other regional galleries. She was married George Frow Andrews, Professor of Music in 1912.

Under this name  she illustrated "A Book of Nursery Rhymes ", Ernest Nister c 1900 "Bravest of All", Mabel Mackness 1900; "Two Little Crusoes or a Voyage in a Tub", A B Romney 1901; "My Pretty Picture Book" 1901; "Bunny Tales" R Nesbit Bland 1906. 



Wilfrid Williams Ball RE  (1853 -1917)  

 Venice Bridge near Public Garden  1909
this picture was illustrated  in colour in  The Studio magazine in 1909 Sketching Grounds edited by Charles Holme.
watercolour                                                                  7 x 11  inches 

                                                                                                 was £1,000 now £400 inc package and post

Wilfrid was born in London and started his professional life as an accountant. He studied art at Heatherley’s in London. He painted full-time from 1877. Between the 1871 and 1881 census he lived in Putney, where he meet Whistler whilst working on a series of Thames etchings. Wilfrid Ball exhibited at the major London Galleries, including etchings at the RE of which he became a member in 1882.

Wilfrid Williams Ball RE  (1853 -1917)  

 Knoch Hundred Row Midhurst  1904
this picture is the original in the book "Some Sussex Water-Colours"  by the artist and published by A &C Black Ltd.
watercolour                                                                  7 x 11  inches 

                                                                                                 was £1,100 now £450 inc package and post

Wilfrid Williams Ball RE  (1853 -1917)  

 Late Autumn Essex

watercolour                                                                  7 x 10  inches 

             was £995 now £400 inc package and post

Wilfrid died on St Valentine’s Day in 1917 of heatstroke in Khartoum, Sudan when he served in the Army and more than likely to have been painting "en plein air" without his hat. 

Geoff Bartlett   MSAI 

Across the Field
watercolour                                                                   7 x 10   inches 

                                                                                                               was £250 now £100 inc package and post

Geoff was elected a Member of the Society of Architectural Illustrators in 1975, and has been a regular exhibitor with the RI and RSMA at the Mall Galleries for a number of years.

Peter Toms RMS HS   

Quay West Marina
watercolour                                                                   9 x 13.5 inches 

                                                                                              was £550 now £250 inc package and post

Peter's paintings have been regularly accepted for major London exhibitions, by provincial galleries and galleries in France, Portugal and Belgium. Many examples of his work exist in private and corporate collection including, British Aerospace, Vosper Thorneycroft and Brittany Ferries.

Eileen Davis (1892 - ??)
Eileen was a painter that little is known about. She was born in Birmingham in 1892 to Henry Davis and Emily Isaac, he was a jeweller whose father Joel Davis was a Russian, born in Rodnor and his wife Rosa, also born in Russia in Lissa. Her father Henry lived in Birmingham in the Jewellry Quarter and eventually moved to Hampstead in London where he was a diamond dealer, living in a mansion.

There is traditionally a Fair held on Hampstead Heath every year and this may have well been a painting painted on the Heath. 



Eileen Davis  (early 20th Cen.) 

Carnival 1920
watercolour                                                                   10 x 13  inches 

                was £400 now £200 inc package and post

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