Selected Artists

Roland Batchelor was born in London the son of artist Bernard Batchelor who insisted that he get a steady job. Although he started to paint very young he worked in the Civil Service for over forty years. Roland studied art in his spare time with George Morrow at Putney School of Art and Harry Watson at Regent Street Polytechnic School of Art. When he retired from the Civil Service in 1949 he studied at City and Guilds of London School under A R Middleton Todd. He exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy and the Royal Watercolour Society. Roland was elected a member of the RWS in 1966. His work is held by the Victoria and Albert Museum. He loved France, a fluent French speaker his subjects include figures in French landscapes which were spontaneous and very free, expressing a love for the subjects which were shrewdly observed and full of humour.


Patricia Jarrett wrote a book on his works “Roland Batchelor, water-colours and drawings – a 20th century view of the human comedy” 

Roland Batchelor  RWS 1889-1990

Quayside Richmond
(exhibited 1967)
watercolour                                                                   6 x 7.5  inches 

                                                                                                          £800 inc package and post

Roland Batchelor RWS 
(1889 - 1990)
Winter by The Thames
(exhibited Fine Art Society)

watercolour                                                                   5 x 6.75  inches 

                                                                                                                £800 inc package and post

Roland Batchelor RWS 1889-1990
Out for a Stroll  

sketch                                                                  5 x 6  inches 

                                                                                                            £500 inc package and post

Roland Batchelor RWS 1889-1990
Going Fishing Normandy  

watercolour                                                                  11.5 x 8  inches 

                                                                                                            £1,200 inc package and post

Ken Moroney 1949 - 2018
 Canal Barges Amsterdam  

oil                                                                 18 x 12  inches 

                                                                                                            £2,700 inc package and post

Ken Moroney’s paintings are in the impressionist tradition. He is largely self taught and his techniques evolved through close study of the experience and experiments of earlier artists he admires. Exhibited at the Royal Academy in London at the Summer Exhibition from 1977 .  He specialises in small oils studies which are swiftly executed often compared to Sir Alfred Munnings and Edward Seago. He has had many mixed exhibitions in London and the provinces, a series of sales and shows including Duncan Miller Contemporary Arts in 1991. He sometimes uses the pseudonym JJ Bellman


We very much regret that Ken died on 4th November 2018. He will be sadly missed. A great artist.


John Yardley RI 1933-
 Venice Unloading 

watercolour                                                              13 x 10  inches 

                                                                                                             £1,200 inc package and post

John Yardley was born in Beverley, Yorkshire in 1933. He became a banker and with no formal training in art he decided in 1986 to give up this career and dedicate himself full-time to painting. He does see his lack of formal training as an advantage as this has given him the freedom to find his own style. He has a brisk impressionist style which is well suited to his use of watercolour although he does produce work in other mediums.


He is a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour and has enjoyed huge acclaim in this field. He has been presented with many prizes which include the Watercolour Foundation Award


No Room at the Inn

watercolour                                                                  7 x 11   inches
 £550 inc package and post

George Busby was born in Birmingham in 1926. For a number of years he worked in the display industry as a graphic designer and illustrator. In 1978 he decided to leave the advertising world to take up painting full time. He has been commissioned to illustrate calendars for Courage, the Abbey National Building Society, British Gas and the Amoco Oil Company and he has had his work published in card form by Kingsmead Publications.


It is the West Midlands that are home to George Busby and from there he gathers most of the reference for his work. The fast changing industrial landscapes of this region are captured in his paintings. It is the old fashioned shops, streets of houses and run down areas that are being replaced by soulless housing estates and concrete jungle that George is trying to preserve for posterity in his pictures. Studies of people at work, shopping, going to the football through the rain, their tired yet important existence captured with a surity of line and draughtmanship which are often touching yet never sentimental.
He held memberships of many societies including the Guild of Railway Artists

His work is represented in the National Library of Wales, and in numerous private collections throughout the UK.

George died on the 7th November 2005 at 5pm peacefully in his sleep after contracting cancer .


Low Tide Pin Mill

watercolour                                                                  7.5 x 11   inches
 £550 inc package and post


On the Station

watercolour                                                                  10 x 14.5   inches

Peter Newcombe

Autumn Thorpe Mandaville

watercolour                                                                  9.5 x 8.5   inches
 £500 inc package and post

Born in 1943, Peter studied at Northampton School of Art and continues to live and work in Northamptonshire. His work has been well documented on the BBC, in Country Life and the Sunday Telegraph Magazine. His many important commissions include work  for Shell, a limited edition print for The National Trust and stamp designs for the British and Guernsey Post Offices. Peter's studies of landscape and still life both in oil and watercolour are meticulously executed and lovingly portrayed. He is quoted as saying his only ambition is to bring the sunlight indoors.

Peter Newcombe


oil                                                                10 x 7   inches
 £800 inc package and post