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Albert Moulton Foweraker RBA (1873 - 1942)


Albi  Sunset on TheTarn 
watercolour                                                                 9 x 11  inches 

                                                                                                              £2,000 inc package and post

Albert Moulton Foweraker RBA (1873 - 1942)


Riverside Birches in Spain 
watercolour                                                                 10 x 14  inches 

                                £1,800 inc package and post

Albert Moulton Foweraker RBA (1873 - 1942)


Evening from the City Walls Palma
watercolour                                                                11 x 9  inches 

                                 £1,800 inc package and post

Albert Moulton Foweraker RBA (1873 - 1942)


Figures in the Street 
watercolour                                                                 11 x 9  inches 

                                     £1,800 inc package and post

Albert Moulton Foweraker was born in Exeter, the son of Reverend Edmund Thomas Foweraker, the headmaster of Exeter Cathedral School where he was educated. He was an exhibitioner at Cavendish College Cambridge and went onto Christ’s College, Cambridge where he received a BA in Applied Science in 1893. He liked acting and music and rowed and played tennis for his college. He obtained a 1st Class Degree in 1896 as a Milling Engineer.

Foweraker only took up painting in his early 20’s and took it up professionally in 1898. His training was done in St Ives where he is recorded as organised painting expeditions for some of the members of the club to Andalucia in 1905 His address at this time was Villa Camara in Malaga.

He was a member of the RBA from 1901 to 1912 exhibiting 52 pictures. He exhibited at the RA and many London galleries as well as galleries in Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester. He is well known for his painting of light effects particularly “Moonlight”. He became a member of the St Ives Society of Artists in the mid-1930’s.


Albert started an “Exhibition of Works by Modern Painters in Exeter” which later became “Devon and Cornwall Fine Art Society”. He travelled extensively in Europe to Spain, France and North Africa. He lived in Carbis Bay, Lelant, Cornwall in 1901 and at Northbrook Road, Swanage for many years. He left certain documents and papers relating to the Titanic disaster of 1912 where he was very suspicious of the enquiry findings, these were to be lodged in the British Museum. He died on 14th January 1942 at Swanage aged 68 and is buried in Godlingston Cemetery, Ulwell, Swanage.  

Charles Hawes (Bud) AWCS SI (1909 -xxxx)

 St Crox Virgin Islands
watercolour                                                                  11.75 x14.25 inches 

                                          £500 inc package and post

Charles Hawes, known as Bud by his friends, was born in Huntington, West Virginia in 1909. Throughout his life Bud's great loves were art and people. These loves are palpably visible in all of his work. His work during his first career (32 years as a nationally recognized illustrator) focussed on magazines, newspapers, advertising agencies, cartoons and children's books. During this time he became a member of both the National Society of Illustrators and the American Watercolor Society. In 1964 Bud visited St. John in the U.S.V.I. and fell in love with the West Indies and her people. In 1965 he moved to St. Croix, U.S.V.I. where he began his prolific second career, that of a watercolor artist. Bud spent the next 28 years capturing his deep love for these islands and their people through his dynamic watercolors. Most of these paintings now hang throughout the world in the homes and offices of patrons who also shared that same love.

Moria Gay Huntly ATC PPS RI RSMA 

 Venice Backwater
oil                                                                  18 x 21  inches 

                                                                                                             £1,750 inc package and post

Moira Huntly is an artist in acrylic, oil, pastel and watercolour. She is the President of the Pastel Society. Moira was born in Motherwell on 7th November 1932, was educated at Wirral County School for Girls, Harrow Weald County School, studied art at Harrow School of Art from 1948 to 1953 and Hornsey College of Art from 1953 to 1954. She exhibited at Young Contemporaries, Royal Society of Oil Painters, New English Art Club, Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour, Pastel Society, Royal West of England Academy and the Royal Society of Marine Artists as well as in France and the USA .  She married Ian Buchanan Huntly and her work is in many permanent collections and she has published many books

Moria Gay Huntly ATC PPS RI RSMA  
Three Bridges Venice 
watercolour                                                                  11 x 14  inches 

                                                                                                             £975 inc package and post

                                                                                                   SHIRO KASAMATSU (1898 to 1991)

Pagoda and Apple Bloosom
woodblock                                                                14.25  x 9.5  inches 

                                                                                                             £1,500 inc package and post

Shiro was born in Asakusa, Tokyo, and became a Student of Kiyotaka at the Age of 13. One of the Most Highly Respected of the Shin Hanga Artists Creating Many Landscape Scenes in a Unique and Individual Style. Published by Watanabe then by Unsodo and in the late 1950s decided to Only Produce Self Published Works, this work was published by Watanabe.



James Longuville PS RBSA 

 On the Mud, St Aubin Harbour Jersey
pastel                                                                 12 x 15  inches 

                                         £1,100 inc package and post

James Longuville PS RBSA 

 Le Vigan, Longuedoc
oil                                                                 15 x 12  inches 

                                         £1,600 inc package and post

Born in 1942 the artist James Longueville started to paint professionally after a successful career in journalism. Initially inspired by the countryside around his studio in Cheshire, his travels have made him as well known for his portrayal of sunlit squares in France, luminous views of Venice as his familiar British landscapes and waterways. Equally able to work in both oil and pastel, his fascination is with the effect of light and atmosphere on his subject. He paints daily in pursuit of his passion, always searching for a new stretch of country or ancient monument where he can observe the play of light and colour that he portrays so well. His influences are a long line of European landscape artists from Boudin, Constable and the East Anglian School to Wilson Steer and Seago. James exhibits regularly at the Mall Galleries, with the Royal Society of British Artists and the Royal Society of Oil Painters. He also shows at the Royal Academy and the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, where he was elected a member in 1989. He has twice won the Patterson Award at the Pastel Society, being elected a senior member in 1983 and his paintings now hang in corporate and public collections around the world.

Jack Merriott RI, ROI SMA (1901 - 1968)

 The Mountains of Mourne

oil                                                                 31 x 24  inches 

                                 £3,500 inc package and post

The picture on he left is the original for the Poster below

Jack Merriott was born on 15th November 1901 in New Cross London  to John Boultwood Merriott (Railway ticket collector) and his wife  Eleanor  and studied art at Croydon School of Art and St Martin's School of Art.  On 18th June  1932 he married Hilda May Bridger the daughter of Harry Bridger. Jack painted landscapes and portraits in oil and watercolour.  He started work as a shipping clerk in a company exporting heavy machinery to South Africa but soon painted full time for a living. He exhibited at the Royal Academy, Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour, Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Royal Society of British Artists and Royal West of England Academy. He was elected RI in 1944, PS in 1951, SMA in 1954, ROI in 1959, President of the Wapping Group of Artists from 1947 to 1960, member of the Langham Sketch Club and the St Ives Society of Artists. Bradford City Art Gallery and Sunderland Museum and Art Gallery hold his work. He lived in Shirley in Surrey and Storrington in Sussex before moving to Island House, Polperro in the early 1950's. Jack moved back to Storrington, as travel to his many commitments throughout the UK was difficult from Cornwall. It was in 1968 when he was driving home to Storrington he skidded on black ice and was seriously injured. He never recovered from his injuries, dying later in that year. One of his hobbies was sailing and he also designed and painted posters for British Rail and other tourist agencies throughout the UK. A memorial service was held at "the artist's church", St James in Piccadilly London in 1969.

Harry Morley  ARA, VPRWS, RP, RE.

(1881 -1943)

 Church of St Jacque Dieppe 

watercolour                                                                 7 x 11  inches 

                                                                                                                 £700 inc package and post

Painter, usually in watercolour and engraver, of landscapes and figure subjects. Born on 5th April 1881 in Leicester. Educated in Leicester and at the age of nine attended a class in watercolour painting run by William Barrow. In 1897 he went to the local school of art in order to study architecture and won a scholarship to the RCA in 1900. In 1904 at the RCA he won a travelling scholarship to Italy. The following year he was articled to an architect, but when visiting Italy in 1907 decided to take up painting. In 1908 he studied painting in Paris at the Academie Julian and later settled in London. He exhibited mainly at the RA, RWS, RE, RBA and at the Beaux Art Gallery. He was elected RBA in 1924, RE and RWS in 1931, ARA and RP in 1936 and VPRWS 1937 - 1941. His work is represented in public collections including the Tate Gallery. He taught at St Martin’s School of Art and in 1940 was an official war artist. His work shows technical mastery in a wide range of media and reflects the influence of Italian art and Cezanne He took up engraving in 1928 at the suggestion of R S Austin who had a considerable influence on his work in this medium. Died in London on 18th Sept 1943