Beryl Cook OBE (1926 - 2008)
Limited Edition Silk Screen Prints

Beryl Cook was born in Surrey in 1926, moving to London in 1943, she worked in a number of jobs from showgirl to the fashion industry, hence her interest in the way people dress. She married in 1946 to John and they left London for Southern Rhodesia a year later. In 1962 they moved to Zambia, returning to England to settle in Plymouth where she died in 2008. Her first exhibition was a great success and since that time there have been many books and articles about her work which now has a world-wide following. 




Edition of 300       27x 14 inches               £5,000 unframed   

"Satin Dresses"



Edition of 200       24 x 19 inches    £1,500 


















Edition of 300       32 x 22 inches    £3,000 

Silk-screen prints are produced by making a different silk screen for each and every colour used. With Beryl’s work that tends to be between 40 and 60 different screens. The paint goes onto the paper colour by colour to build up the print. Once completed, the print is numbered and signed by the artists as a mark of approval of quality.


Each edition is strictly limited in number as indicated - we only have one of each left - they are very scarce now.

""Gare du Nord"



Edition of 300       28 x 17 inches    £3,300 




Edition of 395       22.5 x 15.5 inches    £900 
one framed & one unframed